Atlas of the Sky, 2018

A genre-crossing work: part-opera, part-collective ritual for soprano, 3 percussionists and community participants staging the potency and mercurial power of crowds.

Tree of Codes, 2016

An opera for soprano, baritone & 16 musicians about bloodlines and memory, time, erasure and illumination based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes and Bruno Schulz’ Street of Crocodiles.

The Navigator, 2008

A ‘dream’ opera for 5 singers, 16 musicians and electronics with libretto by Patricia Sykes exploring extremity of passion and choices made between annihilation or creation.

Moon Spirit Feasting, 2000

Chinese ritual street opera for 3 singers and 9 musicians with libretto by Beth Yahp. A shamanistic & zany ride into the worlds of the Moon Goddess Chang-O, the Monkey King and the Queen Mother of the West amidst an invisible audience of hungry ghosts.

The Oresteia, 1993

Memory theatre (opera) in 7 parts based on Aeschylus’ trilogy for 6 voices, 11 musicians and dancer. The unappeased spirits of Cassandra, Clytemnestra, Agamemnon & The Furies rise through the floor. Libretto by Liza Lim & Barrie Kosky after Tony Harrison’s translation.