Chronological Spotify Playlist
(compiled by Tim Rutherford-Johnson)

Portrait CDs

1. Annunciation Triptych (2023)

Coming soon…

2. Singing in Tongues (2021)

‘Liza Lim turns opera on its head, finding thrilling new paths for contemporary vocal music.’ The Quietus

‘visceral, confrontational, and totally compelling’ The Guardian

3. Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus (2020) KAIROS 0015020KAI

‘An essential release of what will surely be one of the most important, powerful and original compositions of the decade.’
Rambler Releases of 2020

4. Tongue of the Invisible (2013) WERGO WER68592

‘One is tempted to call the composition a masterpiece, except that the word seems too egotistical for an artist so keen on collaboration and so attuned to the experiences of others.’ The New Yorker

5. Liza Lim: Orchestral Works (2013)
hat[now]ART 185

‘Her orchestral scores are concentrated energy maps’. The Wire

6. Liza Lim: The Heart’s Ear (2002)
Hat[now]ART 148

7. Liza Lim: The Heart’s Ear (1999)
ABC Classics 456 687-2

8. the Intertwining – the Chasm (1998)
Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, ISBN: 1-875792-27-9

9. The Oresteia (1994)
Dischi Ricordi, CRMCD 1030

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Collaborative CDs (ensemble works)

Collaborative CDs (solos)