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Lim’s music is published exclusively by Casa Ricordi (Milan, London & Berlin)
See Ricordi Berlin searchable catalogue for details of works, program notes and to hire parts or buy scores

Maximilian von Aulock | Promotions Manager | Maximilian.vonAulock_at_umusic_dot_com
Daniela Brendel | Promotion Manager for Stage Works | daniela.brendel_at_umusic_dot_com

Digital access to scores
Scores can be accessed through nkoda:
Also see issuu or scorefollower

In Australia (only). Some scores can also be purchased or borrowed through:
Australian Music Centre
Otherwise, scores & parts can be hired through

I can be contacted via my work email:

for scores: see above, I cannot provide pdfs
for program notes: click on titles or see Ricordi Berlin searchable catalogue
for articles: please first see the many sources of info including comprehensive recent podcasts here
but also, ‘art exceeds its intentions…’
for school and thesis projects, please see: