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For enquiries about PhD study, guest lectures or research questions, please use my work email: Contact information for my publisher (Ricordi) is below.

Enquiries can also be sent to me using this form:


My work has been published by Casa Ricordi/ Universal Music Publishing Group since 1989: Ricordi Milano (1989-2003), Ricordi London (2004-08), Ricordi Munich (2009-2013), now Ricordi Berlin (2013-).

For information:
General enquiries: Max von Auloch, Promotions Manager, Ricordi Berlin, has an overview of everything,

Enquiries in Nth America: Katie Salmon, Promotions Manager, North America, T: +1 646 560 0600

To buy a study score (eg: for a library, for research): [Library manager, Ricordi Berlin]

To buy chamber music scores (1-5 players), see: please see agents listed in various territories here (click on ‘offices and agents’ tab)

To hire performance scores & parts for pieces scored for more than 5 players (these are classified as ‘hire scores’), please visit zinfonia or the relevant agent in your territory.

In Australia (only). Some scores can also be obtained through:
Australian Music Centre
Otherwise, scores & parts can be hired through