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3 Angels (2011), 3 intertwining songs     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png    Unknown-1.png
1/ The Angel of Wounds and Blessings, for soprano
2/ The Angel of Otherness, for mezzo soprano
3/ The Angel of Lamentation, for bass-baritone
Duration: 15′

Commissioned for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart as part of Escalier du Chant
Premiere of 3 Angels: 25 September 2011, Pinakothek der Moderne Munich
Also performed in a version for 4  voices with a large performative scroll (1 m x 16 m)
as 3 Angels + an Enigma, premiere 3 December 2011, Theatrehaus Stuttgart
Score is available as the 3 voice version, (Sy.4081), Ricordi Munich

tree song (2021)
for any voice(s)
text piece (click on title for score online)

Voice & Instrument Duo

Athena’s Trumpet (1993) [published as duo in 2020]
for high soprano and piccolo trumpet
Aria from Scene 7 of the opera The Oresteia (1993)
Duration: 2′
Sy. 5742, Ricordi Berlin

This work can be paired with:

The Incandescent Tongue (2020)
for soprano and trumpet
Duration: 5.5′
Sy. 5731, Ricordi Berlin

Boat Song (2019)
for baritone and bassoon
Duration: 9′
duo version of boat song ‘aria’ from the opera Tree of Codes
Sy. 4979, Ricordi Berlin

Chang-O (1998)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png
for baritone and percussion
Text by Li Shang yin (in Chinese)
Duration: 8′
Commissioned by Darmstardt Ferienkurse 1998
Premiere: 22 July 1998, Darmstadt, Orangerie
Kurt Widmer, baritone, Mircea Ardeleanu, percussion
Score (138286), Ricordi Milano

The Quickening (2004-05)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png
for soprano and guqin (Chinese zither)
Text by Yang Lian
Duration: 22′
Commissioned by Festival d’Automne à Paris
Premiere: 29 November 2005, Paris, Cité de la Musique
Deborah Kayser, Yang Chunwei
Score (RICL054), Ricordi London

Voice & Ensemble

Voodoo Child (1989)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png 
for soprano and 7 musicians
Soprano, Fl/picc, Cl, Tbn, Perc, Piano, Vln, Vc
Text by Sappho (in Ancient Greek)
Duration: 11′
Commissioned by Radio Bremen
Premiere: 12 May 1990, Bremen, Festival Pro Musica Nova
Ensemble Avance, soprano Ingrid Schmithüsen, conductor Andras Hamary
Score (135688), Ricordi Milano

Voice & Large Ensemble

Atlas of the Sky (2018)     iconmonstr-video-2.png
for soprano, 3 percussion and ‘crowd’
originally produced as a stage-work but also possible to perform as concert work
See link for detailed information
Texts by Bei Dao and Eliot Weinberger
Duration: 75′
Commissioned by Speak Percussion
Premiere: 18 June 2018, Melbourne Recital Centre
Jessica Aszodi, Speak Percussion & crowd of community participants
Ricordi Berlin score

Li Shang yin (1993)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png
for Coloratura soprano and 15 instruments
Text by Li Shang yin (in Chinese)
Ob, Cor Ang, Bsn, Cbsn, Sop Sax, Hn, slide Tpt, Tbn, Tuba, Harp, Vln, 2 Vla, 2 Vc
Duration: 15′
Commissioned by the Ensemble Intercontemporain
Premiere: 25 February 1994, Paris, Centre G. Pompidou
Ensemble Intercontemporain, soprano Françoise Kubler, conductor James Wood
Score (136298), Ricordi Milano

Mother Tongue (2005)     Unknown.png     Unknown-1.png
for soprano & 15 instruments
Text by Patricia Sykes
Sop, 2 Fl (2nd picc), Ob, Cl, Bass Cl, Alto/Bar Sax, Bsn/C Bsn,
Tpt, Tbn, 1 Perc, 2 Vln, Vla, Vc, D Bass
Duration: 36′
Jointly commissioned by Ensemble Intercontemporain, Festival d’Automne à Paris & ELISION. Poems commissioned by Liza Lim
Premiere 30 November 2005, Paris, Cité de la Musique
Ensemble Intercontemporain, soprano Piia Komsi, conductor Jonathan Nott
Score (RICL055), Ricordi London

Tongue of the Invisible (2010/11)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png     Unknown-1.png
for baritone, piano solo (also improvising) and 16 musicians
1 (Afl. Picc). 1 (Lupophon). 1 (Bkl. Kbkl). Asax (Barsax). 1 (Contraforte). / 1. 1 (Doppeltrtr. Flhr). Tbps. 0. Eu. / Schlzg. Cim. / 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.  Text by Jonathan Holmes after Hafez
(in English)

Commissioned by the Holland Festival, musikFabrik and Kunststiftung NRW
Premiere: 8 June 2011, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Omar Ebrahim (baritone), Uri Caine (pianist) and Ensemble musikFabrik conducted by André de Ridder
Duration: 60′, Sy. 4063, Ricordi Munich

Tongue of the Invisible, Holland Festival

1. At dawn I heard the tongue of the invisible
2. Between the pages of the world (i) 3. This door is the mouth of love 4. Between the pages of the world (ii)
5. The roots of the world are entwined in the wind 6. Between the pages of the world (iii) 7. Encircling its towers with a silver coronet of song 8. Our embraces are a banquet of revolving time