installation projects

Installation-based works in reverse chronological order:

with Olaf Nicolai
Escalier du Chant (2011), architectural interventions with performance

Concept by Olaf Nicolai – architectural interventions involving ‘songs’ by 12 composers reflecting on current political events. see Escalier du Chant.  Songs commissioned for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart. Performances of 3 Angels (2011),   3 intertwining songs for soprano, mezzo & bass with texts by Hélène Cixous (in French) and newspaper reports on the death of Neda Agha-Soltan, in Farsi (Persian).

Pinakothek der Moderne Munich. 25 September, 30 October, 27 November and 18 December 2011


with Sabrina Hoelzer and Volker Maerz
TON (2008), ‘scena’ for mobile sculptures, audience and musicians

Concept by Sabrina Hoelzer. Collaboration with Sabrina Hoelzer (director, Zeitgenoessischer Oper Berlin), Volker Maerz (artist) and musicians of ELISION (Genevieve Lacey, recorders, Richard Haynes, clarinet, Tristram Williams, trumpet,
Ben Marks, alto trombone). Elisabethkirche Invalidenstrasse Berlin, Maerzmusik Berlinerfestpiele, March 2008.


with Judy Watson
Glasshouse Mountains (2005), video, sculptural, sound installation

Collaboration with Judy Watson with musician Rosanne Hunt (‘cello), Michael Hewes (sound design).  An installation-performance work comprising sculptures, video, floor- and wall-pieces made with volcanic soils from each of the individual mountains, projections of topographical drawings, environmental sound recordings, spatially manipulated electronics and live cello performances. Institute of Modern Art and Queensland Music Festival in Brisbane. Dates: July 22- August 30, 2005


with Judith Wright
Sonorous Body (1999), video installation with koto

Collaboration with Judith Wright with musician Satsuki Odamura (koto). 8-14 September 1999, Brisbane City Gallery as part of the Third Asia-Pacific Triennial. Performances of 16 Touches of the Zither, pieces for koto notated in traditional Japanese calligraphic notation. The work was also installed at the Hebbel Theatre, Berlin in 2001 on the main stage.

Score of 16 Touches of the Zither

Sonorous Body, Brisbane, APT 1999

Sonorous Body, Hebbel Theatre, Berlin 2001


with Domenico de Clario
The Cauldron – Fusion of the 5 Elements, 1996, 2-part meditation

Collaboration with Domenico de Clario with performers Domenico de Clario, Liza Lim, Deborah Kayser, Kirsten Boerema, Carl Rosman, Chris Lockhart Smith, Timothy O’Dwyer. Autumn Full Moon Night.  Friday 3 May from sunset to sunrise. Northcote Uniting Church, Melbourne. & Spring Full Moon Night. Friday 27 September from sunset to sunrise, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

Bardo’-i-thos-grol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead), 1995
7-night performance cycle

Collaboration with Domenico de Clario and musicians of ELISION Ensemble.
Sunday 5 March (sunset) to Sunday 12 March (sunrise). Midland Railway Workshops, 1995 Festival of Perth

Bardo’-i-thos-grol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead), 1994
7-night performance cycle

Collaboration with Domenico de Clario and musicians of ELISION Ensemble.
Sunday 28 August (sunset) to Sunday 3 September (sunrise).  Hillside Auto Dismantlers and Summerland Demolitions, Lismore, New South Wales

Afterward: From a Tower (a translation), 1994, 7 night vigil

Collaboration with Domenico de Clario and 4 singers (Jeannie van de Velde, Deborah Kayser, Andrew Muscat-Clarke, Carl Rosman).  Palm Sunday (full moon), 27 March to Easter Sunday (half moon), 3 April. The Tower, Auburn Uniting Church Melbourne

The Intertwining – The Chasm, works by de Clario & Lim, 1994-96, IMA, 1998