small ensemble (2-9)

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Ash – Music for the Eremozoic (2020)
for saxophone quartet
Duration: 16′
Commissioned by Sigma Projects/ Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung
Premiere: 18 Jan 2021, Sigma Projects, Reina Sofia, Auditorio 400, Spain

Anactoria (1998)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png
For six percussionists
Duration: 15′
Commissioned by Synergy Percussion
Premiere: 19 September 1999, Sydney Opera House, Synergy Percussion
Score (138071), Ricordi Milano

Ehwaz (journeying) (2010)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png    Unknown.png
trumpet and percussion
Duration: 15′, Commissioned by the International Trumpet Guild
Premiere: 10 July 2010, Sydney, Tristram Williams and Peter Neville
Sy. 4042,  Ricordi Munich

Gothic (1995-96)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png    Unknown.png
For 8 solo strings (3Vln, 2Vla, 2Vc, D bass)
Duration: 10′
Commissioned by Australian Chamber Orchestra/ANZ Bank
Premiere: 20 June 1996, Sydney, SCEGGS Hall
Australian Chamber Orchestra, conductor John Harding
Score (137405), Ricordi Milano

The Heart’s Ear (1997)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png
For flute, clarinet, string quartet (2Vln, Vla, Vc)
Duration: 12′
Commissioned by the Australia Ensemble
Premiere: 11 October 1997, Sydney, Clancy Auditorium
Australia Ensemble, conductor Dean Olding
Score (137810), Ricordi Milano

Hell (1992)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png    Unknown.png
For string quartet (2Vln, Vla, Vc)
Duration: 10′
Commissioned by Milano Musica
Premiere: 9 June 1992, Milan, Arditti String Quartet
Score (135889), Ricordi Milano

Inguz (Fertility) (1996)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png
For clarinet in A and violoncello
Duration: 6′
Premiere: 25 November 1996, Bremen, Bremer Podium Concert
Carl Rosman, clarinet, Rosanne Hunt, violoncello
Score (137626), Ricordi Milano

In the Shadow’s Light (2004)     [score & parts]Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png
For string quartet (2 Vln, Vla, Vc)
Duration: 26′
Commissioned by Festival d’Automne à Paris
Premiere 29 November 2005, Paris, Cité de la Musique, Kairos Quartett
Score (RICL053), Ricordi London

Koto (1993)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png     
For 8 musicians
Fl/picc, Ob.d’amore, Flugel horn, Koto, Vla, 2Vc, Perc
Duration: 12′
Premiere: 29 July 1994, Lismore, Churchill Auditorium,
Elision Ensemble, Satsuki Odamura koto, conductor Sandro Gorli
Score (136557), Ricordi Milano

Ming Qi (Bright Vessel) (2000)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png    Unknown.png
for oboe and percussion
Duration: 3.5′
Commissioned by the Divertimento Ensemble
Premiere: 1 October 2000, Venice Biennale, Teatro Arsenale
Luca Avanzi oboe, Riccardo Balbinutti percussion
Score (138636), Ricordi Milano

Ochred String (2008)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png   
for oboe, viola, ‘cello, double bass
Duration: 14′,
Commissioned by Musica Viva Festival 2008 with the support of the Ian Potter Foundation.  Premiere 10 February 2008, Villa Stuck, Munich
Score (RICL110), Ricordi London

Pharmakon (2018)
2 tenor-bass trombones
commissioned by Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemäßer Musik for Rage Thormbones
Premiere: 18 November 2018, Weston Olencki & Matt Barbier

Ronda – The Spinning World (2016)     Unknown.png    iconmonstr-video-2.png    Unknown-1.png
horn, tpt, tbn, harp, perc, vln, vla, vc, dbass + plásticas sonoras (instruments by Walter Smetak; also can be substituted with other home built instruments)
Duration: 16′
Commissioned as part of ‘Re-Inventing Smetak’, a joint project of DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program, Ensemble Modern and Goethe-Institutes São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador/Bahia, supported by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes
Premiere: 25 February 2017, Alte Oper, Frankfurt
Ensemble Modern cond. Vimbayi Kaziboni
Score: Sy4499, Ricordi Berlin

Shimmer Songs (2006)     Unknown.png    Unknown-1.png
‘double quartet’
For string quartet (2 Vln, Vla, Vc), harp, 3 perc
Duration: 14′
Commissioned by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
through the Fromm Foundation
Premiere 2007, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players
Score (RICL059), Ricordi London

Songs found in dream (2005)     iconmonstr-video-2.png    Unknown-1.png
For 8 musicians
Ob, Cl/ Bass Cl, Alto Sax, Trumpet, 2 Perc, Vc, D Bass
Duration: 13′
Commissioned by Salzburger Festspiele
Premiere: 20 August 2005, Mozarteum Salzburg,
Klangforum Wien conducted by Stefan Asbury
Score (RICL052), Ricordi London

Spirit Weapons (1999)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png
Part I for violoncello solo
Part II for contrabass clarinet and 3 percussion (small set-up)
The two parts may be performed separately
Duration: 17′ (Part I: 6’5″; Part II: 9′)
Commissioned by Ensemble Intercontemporain
Premiere: 4 November 1999, Paris, Centre G. Pompidou
violoncello Pierre Strauch, clarinets Alain Billard,
percussion: Vincent Bauer, Daniel Ciampolini and Michel Cerutti
Score (138579), Ricordi Milano

Street of Crocodiles (1995)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png
For 9 musicians
Fl, Ob, Alto Sax, Alto Tbn, Cimbalom/Perc, Vln, Vla, Vc, Baroque Vc
Duration: 14′
Commissioned by Ensemble Modern
Premiere: 3 November 1995, Frankfurt, Alte Oper
Ensemble Modern, conductor Ingo Metzmacher
Score (137227), Ricordi Milano

The turning dance of the bee (2016)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown-1.png   
For 6 musicians
Flute/Picc/Alto flute, Bass clarinet, Piano, Percussion [River stone on cement tile, 2 Chinese gongs, Thai gong, 3 cowbells, tabla drum, temple block,tenor tom-tom], Violin, Violoncello
Duration: 14′
Premiere: 17 Nov 2016, Ensemble für neue Musik Zürich

Veil (1999)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png
For 7 Musicians
Fl/Bass Fl, Bass Cl, Tpt in C, Perc, Piano, Vln, Vc
Duration 10′
Commissioned by Ensemble für neue musik zürich
Premiere: 23 February 2000, Cologne, WDR Composer Portrait
Ensemble für neue musik zürich, conductor Jürg Henneberger
Score (138547), Ricordi Milano

Voodoo Child (1989)     Shopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png 
For soprano and 7 musicians
Soprano, Fl/picc, Cl, Tbn, Perc, Piano, Vln, Vc
Text by Sappho (in Ancient Greek)
Duration: 11′
Commissioned by Radio Bremen
Premiere: 12 May 1990, Bremen, Festival Pro Musica Nova
Ensemble Avance, soprano Ingrid Schmithüsen, conductor Andras Hamary
Score (135688), Ricordi Milano

The Weaver’s Knot (2014)      scoreShopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     set of partsShopping_Cart_Rounded_Solid-512.png     Unknown.png
For string quartet
Duration: 6′
Commissioned by Wittenertage für neue Kammermusik
Premiere: 10 May 2014, Arditti String Quartet
Score Sy.4352, Ricordi Berlin

Winding Bodies: 3 Knots (2014)     Unknown.png
for alto flute, bass clarinet, piano, percussion, Norwegian hardingfele,
violin, viola, ‘cello, double bass
Duration: 16′
Commissioned by the Cikada Ensemble/Norwegian Arts Council.
Premiere: 11 September 2014, Ultima Festival Oslo
Score Sy.4378/01, Ricordi Berlin