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Miscellaneous talks
LIM_Australia Council 2018 Don Banks Award acceptance speech, 06.03.2018
Lim, L. (2017) How to make a woodblock sing – using composition to experiment with thought Keynote lecture, Best Practice in Artistic Research Conference, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 28 September 2017. (video)
Lim, L, (2017) Luck, Grief, Hospitality – re-routing power relationships in music
Keynote lecture, Women in the Creative Arts Conference, ANU, 11 August 2017.
& associated powerpoint slides: ANU keynote powerpoint slides (images)

Selected Interviews
A selection of radio interviews and excerpts of compositions are at: BBC3 website.
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Lim, L. interview (2010) Music Viva, Forum der Gegenwartsmusik: Pearl, Ochre, Hair String, Directed by Peider A. deFilla for BR-Alpha. (video)
Sdraulig, C.  & Lim, L, (2015) Liza Lim interviewed by Charlie Sdraulig. (video)
produced as part of ‘Re-imagining Opera’, Stanford/UCSD Graduate Seminar, Fall 2015.
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Something else
Rafael-José Díaz (2011) Para Liza Lim, TRAVESÍAS, Cuaderno de apuntes de Rafael-José Díaz.