9-11 August 2019, The Heart’s Ear (1997), 5 performances, Arcola Theatre, Ruthless Jabiru cond. Kelly Lovelady, Grimeborn, London

14 August 2019, an ocean beyond earth (2016) Jay Campbell, ‘cello, Aspen Music Festival

20 August 2019, Axis Mundi (2013), James Aylward, The Brunswick Green

30 August 2019, The Su Song Star Map (2017), Biliana Voutchkova, Dara String Festival, Berlin

31 August 2019, The Four Seasons – After Cy Twombly (2009), Alex Waite, Extended Play, City Recital Centre, Sydney

2 September 2019, Invisibility (2009), Aki Kitajima, Tokyo

8 Sept 2019, ‘Summer’ from The Four Seasons (after Cy Twombly), (2009), Aura Go, 2 concerts @Music in the Round, Melbourne

11 Sept 2019, The Su Song Star Map (2017), Sarah Saviet, violin, km28, Berlin

11 Sept 2019, bioluminescence (2019), Laura Chislett, flute, Shanghai Conservatory of Music

13 Sept 2019, An elemental thing (2017), 3 performances as part of installation work,
Eugene Ughetti/Speak Percussion, Inaudito, Transart Festival, Bolzano, Italy

26 September 2019, The turning dance of the bee (2016), Syzygy Ensemble, Melbourne Recital Centre

25 Oct 2019, Ochred String (2008), Ben Opie with Arcko Ensemble, Melbourne

7 Dec 2019, Ehwaz (journeying), (2010), Tristram Williams, trumpet, Peter Neville, percussion. MCM Ian Potter Southbank, Melbourne


Jan 2020, Atlas of the Sky (2018), Speak Percussion, Jessica Aszodi & crowd, Sydney

14 Feb 2020, Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus (2018), Riot Ensemble cond. Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Kings Place London

22 March 2020, The Four Seasons – After Cy Twombly (2009), Roger Admiral, Now Hear This Festival, New Music Edmonton

April 2020, Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus (2018), ELISION, Auckland

3/4 May 2020, PREMIERE: Sappho/ Bioluminescence (2019), part 1 of ‘Annunciation Triptych’ for orchestra, Glasgow

5 May 2020 (tbc), The Quickening (2005), Berlin

12-14 May 2020, PREMIERE: Sex Magic (2019-20), Claire Chase as part of her Density vii project, Queenslab, New York

9 Oct 2020, PREMIERE: Mary/ Transcendence after Trauma (2019-20), part 2 of ‘Annunciation Triptych’ for orchestra, Munich

19 Dec 2020, PREMIERE, new work for Sigma Projects, saxophone quartet, Palais des Sciences Monastir, Tunisia


Oct 2021, PREMIERE: Fatimah/ Jubilation of Flowers (2020-21), part 3 of ‘Annunciation Triptych’ for orchestra



17 Jan 2019, an ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello, Ultraschall Festival, Berlin

29 Jan 2019, The Su Song Star Map (2017), Jacobo Hernández Enríquez, Mumuth, Graz.

19 Feb 2019, an ocean beyond earth (2016), Séverine Ballon, ‘cello, Lauschvisite, Montabaur

19 Feb 2019, The Window (2017), Callum G’Froerer, The Brunswick Green

22 Feb 2019, Pharmakon (2018), Rage Thormbones, Frequency Festival, Constellation,  Chicago

4 March 2019, The Su Song Star Map (2017), Sarah Soviet, violin, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield

5 March 2019, The Su Song Star Map (2017), Sarah Soviet, violin, City University London

6 March 2019, The Green Lion eats the Sun (2014), Ben Marks, trombone, Nickson Room, University of Queensland

7 March 2019, The Su Song Star Map (2017), Dejana Sekulic, violin, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield

15 March 2019, Ming Qi (Bright Vessel), 1999, Ben Opie, Thea Rossen, PlayOn Collingwood, Melbourne

19 March 2019: Broadcast of ‘Abschied von Menschen, die komponistin Liza Lim’
Composer Portrait on SWR Radio, produced by Martina Seeber (interview in English overdubbed in German) with excerpts of Extinction Events and Dawn Chorus, How Forests Think, Ronda – the Spinning World, Tongue of the Invisible, an ocean beyond earth, Roda – the living circle.

5 April 2019, Weaver of fictions (2007), Anna Petrini, Konserthuset Stockholm

8 April 2019, The Su Song Star Map (2017), Sarah Saviet as part of Riot Ensemble CD launch party of ‘Speak, be Silent’, Crypt on the Green, Saint James Church, London

23 April 2019, The Green Lion eats the Sun (2014), Ben Marks, trombone, ELISION tourCentre for  21stC New Music, University of Buffalo

28 April 2019, The Su Song Star Map (2017), Dejana Sekulic, violin, Temporality of the Impossible, ArtBase, Brussels

29 April 2019, The Green Lion eats the Sun (2014), Ben Marks, trombone, ELISION, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield

30 April 2019, The turning dance of the bee (2016), Ensemble Kuraia, Fundación BBVA, Bilbao

7 May 2019, The Quickening (2005), Lin He, guqin, Camilla Mandillo, soprano, Mendelssohn-Remise, Berlin

7 May 2019, Burning House (2005), Naoko Kikuchi, koto, Arvo Pärt Centre, ISCM World Music Days, Tallin, Estonia

17 May 2019, Inguz (fertility) (1996), Music in Bloom Festival, First Uniting Church, Bloomington, Indiana

18 & 19 May 2019, Voodoo Child (1989), cond. Kelly Corcoran, Spectrum OzArts, Nashville

29 May 2019, Invisibility (2009), Myriam García Fidalgo, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin

29 May 2019, PREMIERE: Bioluminescence (2018), Paula Rae, flute
Wild Winged One (2007), Callum G’Froerer, trumpet, Forum Taiwan

31 May 2019, How Forests Think (2016), Wu Wei, ELISION cond. Carl Rosman, National Concert Hall, Taipei

12 June; 21 June 2019, Axis Mundi (2014) Lorelei Dowling, street festival & village performance, Austria & Hungary

18 June 2019, Bioluminescence (2018), Paula Rae, flute, The Brunswick Green, Melbourne

23-30 June 2019, Faculty composer at Banff Summer Program
25 June 2019,  Inguz (Fertility) (1996), Josh Rubin, Katinka Kleijn; Ming Qi (Bright Vessel) (2000), James Austin Smith, Aiyun Huang, Rolston Recital Hall, Banff

29 June 2019, How Forests Think (2016) with Wu Wei, Ensemble Evolution cond. Steve Schick, Banff

27 June 2019, Talk: How Forests Think – making music in an ecological register
[Ecological perspectives have enabled me to think about composition as a way of populating musical spaces with ‘creatures’ rather than structural forms. These beings are made of unlikely hybrids: real assemblages of (human) musicians and (non-human) musical instruments as well as fictional composites of plants, animals, elements, spirits and all kinds of cultural ideas joined in speculative play. The symbiotic join might be across taxonomic categories – a sonic behaviour with a cultural/metaphorical idea, a technical challenge with a temporal or affective trace – the results are often unruly, fuzzy and hard to define using standard musicological terms. One has to shift to a weirder, fictional register of symbolic thought in order to appreciate these creatures – mundane and magical, haunted by real-world loss and unusual vitalities – they prompt questions about subjectivity, agency and authorship.]

16 July 2019, Roda – the living circle (2017), Tristram Williams, trumpet, Brunswick Green, Melbourne

30 July 2019, Axis Mundi (2011-13), Inguz (1996), James Aylward, bassoon, Carl Rosman, clarinet & Freya Schack-Arnott, ‘cello, ELISION, Prudence Myer Studio, Ian Potter Southbank, Melbourne

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