The Oresteia, 1993

Memory theatre (opera) in 7 parts based on Aeschylus’ trilogy for 6 voices, 11 musicians and dancer. The unappeased spirits of Cassandra, Clytemnestra, Agamemnon & The Furies rise through the floor. Libretto by Liza Lim & Barrie Kosky after Tony Harrison’s translation.

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Memory theatre (opera) in 7 parts after Aeschylus
For 6 voices, 11 instruments and dancer
Libretto by Liza Lim and Barrie Kosky after Aeschylus, Sappho and Tony Harrison (in English)
For soprano, 2 mezzo soprano (mezzo soprano 2 also plays stage ‘cello), counter tenor, tenor, baritone & dancer (also vocalising)
Fl/Picc, Ob/Cor Ang, Cl/Bass Cl – Tpt/Picc Tpt, Tbn – Turkish Baglama Saz
(played by mandolinist), Electric Guitar – Perc – Vla/Vla d’amore, Vc, D bass
Duration: 75′, Score (136022), Ricordi Milano

Commissioned by ELISION
Premiere: 16 May 1993, Theatreworks, Melbourne (14 performances)
ELISION Ensemble and Treason of Images, conductor Sandro Gorli.
Singers: Jeannie van de Velde, Julie Edwardson, Deborah Kayser, Andrew Muscat Clark, Tyrone Landau, Grant Smith; dancer: Shelley Lasica
Directed by Barry Kosky, stage designer Peter Corrigan, choreographer Shelley Lasica


1. 7 Positions Of A Memory Theatre (Cassandra’s Dream Song)
2. Memory Spills From The Split Skulls Of Clytemnestra And Agamemnon
3. Cassandra-The Banquet
4. The Furies
5. Clytemnestra’s Ghost
6. Apollo’s Masque (The Missing ‘Satyr Play’)
7. Athena’s Trumpet

Score sample from the Australian Music Centre website
Programme note from score

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