Music from hcmf// on BBC3 + reviews

A live concert recording of Winding Bodies: 3 knots performed by the Cikada Ensemble at the Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary music on November 23rd is available online on BBC3 iplayer for the next month:

Cikada’s performance of The Heart’s Ear is also online until end of Jan 2015 at

I recently did an interview with Sara Mohr-Pietsch for BBC3’s Composers Rooms see iplayer: p02bnxsw Some reviews from hcmf//2014

The Norwegian Cikada ensemble…displayed contemporary music in what seemed to me to be its most hopeful aspect: two superbly imagined works by the British-based Australian Liza Lim (1966), in which old usages of tonality and a wealth of new approaches are fused without self-conscious intent into a captivatingly ‘followable’ discourse, almost tactile in its aural satisfaction. [Paul Driver, Sunday Times review, 30 Nov 2014]

…The work’s soundworld—so often the case with Lim—is sumptuous, its fantasy rapturous (dauntingly so), every moment sounding entirely spontaneous. Winding Bodies: 3 Knots came across rather differently. Imagine music made of PVC, rolling uphill, over gravel, with a storm brewing above (in a good way), and you start to approximate the tenor of this piece…  [Simon Cummings, 5:4 blog, 23 Nov 2014]

Liza Lim’s The Weaver’s Knot is a potent tangling of musical lines that unravels and recombines in myriad ways just five minutes. [Andrew Clements, The Guardian, 1 Dec 2014]