New projects

Works in progress/in planning 

1. Sex Magic (2019-20), for solo contrabass flute & installation of kinetic percussion (‘bull roarers’) and record players, 40′
for Claire Chase

2. Annunciation Triptych, orchestral cycle of 3 works (2019-21)
i. Sappho/ Bioluminescence
ii. Mary/ Transcendence after trauma
iii. Fatimah/ Flowers of Jubilation

The work looks at 3 icons of women’s spirituality, passion, illumination, revelation and rituals – the figures of Sappho, Mary and Fatimah are highlighted. 45′
more info: LIM_Annunciation Triptych (2020-21)

3. Quipu (2021) saxophone quartet, Commissioned by Sigma Project Quartet 

4. string quartet (2021) for the JACK Quartet

5. violin solo (2021-22), for Karin Hellqvist

6. contrabassoon solo (2221-22), for Lorelei Dowling

Writing projects

Article: ‘A Musical Bestiary’ (with Dr Joseph Browning)
Book: ‘Music and Ecological Time’