New projects

Works in progress/in planning 

1. Sex Magic (2019-20), for solo contrabass flute & installation, 45′
for Claire Chase. premiere 12-14 May 2020, Queenslab, New York

2. Annunciation Triptych, orchestral cycle of 3 works (2019-21)
i. Sappho/ Bioluminescence
ii. Mary/ Transcendence after trauma
iii. Fatimah/ Flowers of Jubilation

The work looks at 3 icons of women’s spirituality, passion, illumination, revelation and rituals – the figures of Sappho, Mary and Fatimah are highlighted. 45-50′
more info: LIM_Annunciation Triptych (2020-21)

Premiere dates: May 2020 (part 1), Oct 2020 (part 2), Oct 2021 (part 3), May 2022 (full cycle)

3. Ash (2020) saxophone quartet, Commissioned by Sigma Project Quartet 
premiere, Dec 2020, Tunisia (!)

4. string quartet (2021) for the JACK Quartet
June 2021 (tbc)

5. Swedish fiddle (violin) solo (2021-22), for Karin Hellqvist

6. contrabassoon solo (2021-22), for Lorelei Dowling

Writing projects

Article: ‘A Musical Bestiary’ (with Dr Joseph Browning)
Research project: ‘Music and Ecological Time’